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Favorite Poetry

Energetic ant... silhouetted on the still snowflake peony. Buson

There's the queen of 4:54 am There's the queen of 4:54 am sprawled on her bed she fumbles for a cigarette finds a bingo dabber instead Quiet is a tangible thing Thicker than water Thicker than blood The queen learns that her underwear smells sweeter as the night ages like delicious curries spiced with cinnamon and mango looking The window is a work of art freezing black twisty branches against a sky yearning to be blue the world is a museum the mind is a ghost town at these hours the queen remembers fingers like twisty branches gently and exquisitely piercing her sterile skin exploring the folds of her flesh so silently she also remembers how they did not understand that she would have rather picked her face than make stagnant conversation the words hanging, like hallmark cards at christmas from some fireplace somewhere squeaking mice rattling snakes soothing selfish selves suppressing silence Quiet does not always mean mutual understanding Sometimes it means stasis Sometimes sometimes means stasis but she could never really tell The queen never intended to impress anyone at any given time She just wanted to float through the days throwing metaphors and comments like rose petals at royal weddings or mud at funerals the priest's hands clenched, but scooped secrets live inside them secrets live inside her she makes no mark she says nothing, too but sighs, and turns her sweaty, hairy, smelly, angry, heavy, bulky, ugly, pointless body to the side and then the queen of 4:55 am arrives, but that's a different me altogether. Zoa Hartry

Periwinkle Butterflies Dreams are periwinkle butterflies that flutter in and out of our minds filling us with hope. Hate is a brick-red grave that fills our lives with pain and rage. Melissa’s marvelous magpie meatballs merely melts in your mouth. Made many months before much mold grows. How come the cat has a tail? Why is grandpa’s nose so big? Are the people on the other side of the world walking on their heads? Why are so many women raped? How can someone beat children? Why are so many people starving? I have learned that if you pull kitty’s tail he’ll hurt you. I also learned if you treat other people nice, they will treat you nice. Parents can be right, some times. But the most important is to believe in yourself and you can do anything. “Clean your room. Do your home work. Let the cat in. Let the cat out. Rinse your glass out. Get to bed.” Little creepy crawlys in side your shoe. Elephants in your soup. Planets in your hair. Horses in VCR. Cows in the school. Teachers in the moon. Clowns in your drawers. Stars in your eyes. “If all your bones were candles, you would be very bright.” “If your smells were wind-chimes, your nose would be very noisey.” “If your skin were sheets of paper, you could erase yourself. “If you were this poem, you could rewrite yourself till you got it right. -bertha lawez differenchia 1/16/97 mail

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