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Favorite Poetry

After moon viewing my companionable shadow walked along with me. ****Sodo
Fatal Interview XLVII Edna St. Vincent Millay Well, I have lost you, and I lost you fairly, In my own way and with my full consent. Say what you will, kings in a tumbrel rarely Went to their deaths more proud than this one went. Some nights of apprehension and hot weeping I will confess; but that's permitted me; Day dried my eyes; I was not one for keeping Rubbed in a cage a wing that would be free. If I had loved you less or played you slyly I might have held you for a summer more, But at the cost of words I value highly, And no such summer as the one before. Should I outlive this anguish--and men do-- I shall have only good to say of you.
Richard Brautigan Man With his hat on he's about five inches taller than a taxi cab.
ThePreacher & thePoet Lacie A preacher met a poet one day, guess by accident. The preacher thought he'd share his wisdom, and here is what he said, "Mr. Poet, I really don't care for what you do, you're a rhymer of words, a twister of views, like roses are red and violets are blue. But I reckon you like stories,so I'll tell my tale to you. As far back as I kin recollect, a voice inside me was callin to write down words and speak to souls, 'bout truths, so none would be fallin. Thoughts fillin my head day and night, ya just don't know what a burden it's bin. Feedin the weak with words, keepin the peace, some just won't listen, so I tell em again. I deal with their sorrows, with comfortin words, I'm helt accountable fer fixin their pain, To lead em toward goodness and keep em from evil, always tellin em stories, no glory I gain. But the Lord'll forgive ya, He's merciful too, So tell me there Poet, what do ya'll do"? The Poet said sweetly, "The same thing as you."
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