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Greetings & Welcome

Check out the links below about myth, poetry, spirituality, magic and the fantastic worldsin and around us. There are poems, stories, essays, prayers, meditations and a lot of other stuff that will shed some light on your Way or lighten your load. Come again to my humble abode. Abide in love, light & lightness; soji (aka Gary)

Links, ya gotta have links! Here's some poetry links... Famous and soon to be famous poets!
The Poet's Hut & Haiku connection(hey, it's one of the perks)
A selection of some of my other poetry (see, more perks)
What is poetry? Here's my view.
Great poetry and great fun
You can be on the Poetry Superhighway! Check it out.
The Wall, another venue for your poetry and other writings(free!)
Some fine poetry here by the site owner and others(you could be among them)
AHA! Poetry, an excellent source for anyone interested in haiku.
Taoism & Poetry, featuring haiku; it's a soji dream.
great haiku page, & it's in norway!

Here's some spiritual Links...
Elsa Joys Peace page, a spiritual oasis.
Soar to new heights with LadyHawk from here
Anguae's home page,another place to gather smiles and wisdom
Art, poetry & spiritualism by a young sage named Duc.
A site abounding in Hindu & universal spirituality & wisdom
Taoism and Poetry, featuring haiku and a gentle touch.
The basics of Buddhism
Innerspace, a light on the path.
RetroPostNeoModernClassical Poetry & Haiku Connection
Some cartoons, just for fun.

Soul Food: "You don't grow old and stop dancing, you stop dancing and grow old." Jessie M. Newburn(aka my Mom)

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