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in the parking lot this new fallen snow- much of it Reserved george e-mail ~ George Steel the scent of spring each time you're passing by - midwinter's daydream fred e-mail ~ Fred "W. Flohr" A mocking bird sings Moonlight silvers cat whiskers Dozing, she listens Marie e-mail ~ R.Marie Stutts outside the deer park along the chainlink fence deer tracks in the snow Doug e-mail ~ Doug Sherman on a receipt in shaky letters, times of early contractions Arnold e-mail ~ Arnold Vermeeren A haiku critic deflowering* a daisy - haiku... not haiku... * I mean depetalling Yura e-mail ~ Yuri & Nadejda Runov More Haiku this way Haiku Festival index Home

*This haiku, by Soseki, is from the Peter Pauper Press Haiku collection

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