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Favorite Poetry

by My Friends & Others

These pages are dedicated to the poetry of my friends and that of more famous poets whom I also consider my friends because they, with their work, have fulfilled many of the needs that my face to face, or in the case of cyber friends, space to space, friends have. You can pick your poets using the index below or just go through all of it using the NEXT buttons at the bottom of the page.

Table of Contents

fortune teller* e.e. cummings
daffodils Hilda K. Britt
Seven Short Love Poems T.S. Eliot
V Sodo
moon viewing* Edna St. Vincent Millay
Fatal Interview XLVII Richard Brautigan
Man with hat Lacie
The Preacher & the Poet Issa
Even with insects...* James Kavanaugh
Freedom Peggy Leyva Conley
Violin Room Patience Strong
Quietude Lady Sou
That night... Carl Sandburg
Speak to me Anne Gilbert-Graham
The Guilt is Gone Elizabeth Barret Browning
Sonnets from the Portuguese XXXII Buson
Energetic ant* Zoa Hartry
There's the Queen of 4:54AM Bertha Lawez Differencia
Periwinkle Butterflies Shitoku
Dull-dreary rain day...* Richard Brautigan
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace Lori Dennis
Symbol of Love Basho
Morning nightingale... * eaf
Two untitled poems Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Coney Island of the Mind #5 Buson
Riverbank plum tree...* Rich Fein
End of a Summer's Drive Paul Simon
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
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*Denotes haiku from a Peter Pauper Press series.

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